The license represents your SDFS membership and is issued by clubs and affiliated diving schools. The SDFS is a federation of clubs. After your registration in a club, you will receive in the following days a laminated card by the federal channel.

Membership Rates 2019/2020

  • Diving Centers and Clubs           Euro 120/ Year
  • Diving Instructors                         Euro 80/ Year
  • Free Lance Diving Instructors   Euro 100 / Year
  • Other Members                             Euro 20/ Year

SDFS Procedure Standards

Actualized 16/06/2017
  1. Only an active SDFS Instructor can certify  a SDFS/CMAS diving level and always through an Seychellois SDFS school.
  2. Annual member fees could be applied.
  3. Only a SDFS member can participate in the diving courses.
  4. If he is going to be a new diver, the first one has to subscribe as a SDFS member.
  5. To start a SDFS/CMAS course, the instructor communicates his intentions to the federation and waits for SDFS to accept.
  6. The federation could directly supervise the course to verify that the instructor meets all the standards.
  7. After completing the course the instructor must communicate the result to the federation within a maximum period of 10 days.
  8. The federation will register the new certification in the next 15 days of receipt of the results.
  9. The 1,2,3,4 star diver certification cards and the 1,2,3 star instructor certification cards will be printed once certification is registered. Other diving levels may take 30 days.
  10. Our certifications do not expire but in order to request any service to the federation the applicant could be up to date with the payment of the annual fee.