Scientific Diving Programs

Now in Seychelles we can teach you diving CMAS technical programs and CMAS scientific programs.

CMAS Standards of Scientific Committee


The CMAS professional training standards for the Scientific Diver (SD) and the Advanced Scientific Diver (ASD) provide scientific divers with guidance on safe practice under varying experimental and environmental conditions. This is based on the  „Code of practice for scientific diving“ of the UNESCO.


The non-professional CMAS Scientific Specialty Courses (SSC) combines the expertise of marine and freshwater scientists, underwater geologists and archaeologists, diving officers, administrators, legislators, individual divers, from different parts of the world scientific diving community. Therefore we revised the SSC Version 2000/01 with the colleagues in the Scientific Committee (SC) mentioned below, who helped to produce this new standards, and acknowledges the help and advice given by many other people through letters or oral comments.

 Scientific Diving
Archaeology 1 Diver
Archaeology 2 Diver
Archaeology Instructor
Fresh Water 1 Biology
Fresh Water 2 Biology
Fresh Water Biology Instructor
Geology 1 Diver
Geology 2 Diver
Geology Instructor
Heritage Discovery Course
Heritage Discovery Course Instructor
Marine Biology 1 Diver
Marine Biology 2 Diver
Marine Biology Instructor
Ocean Discovery Course
Ocean Discovery Instructor
Scientific 1 Diver
Scientific 2 Diver
Scientific Diving Instructor